How we Give


At MA Design & Construction Co, we truly believe in contributing to a better world and giving back to our local community and the less fortunate. Because of this, part of every project’s profit is donated to missions, and our family foundation, Shoes for the World Foundation.


In many developing nations, walking is the primary mode of transportation. Unfortunately, every day children and adults from underprivileged communities, locally and abroad, are prevented from attending school or unable to work because walking becomes unbearable without a decent pair of shoes. Walking without shoes leads to exposure to unsanitary conditions that lead to many diseases. Acknowledging the importance that a pair of shoes has in providing relief and transportation to individuals throughout the world, Shoes for the World Foundation strives to create sustainable jobs and educational programs for children and adults and provide them relief through the distribution of primarily walking shoes, but also shelter, clothing, hygiene products, and food. Shoe distribution is how we initially have access to children and their families, but our mission is expanded to also target the spiritual, emotional, and overall well-being of those we help by sharing the good news of the gospel.

For people like ourselves who have easier access to shoes and other everyday necessities, a pair of shoes may not mean much. However, to those in need, a pair of shoes provides hope and dignity when they are needed most. Our donated shoes provide short-term relief to the poorest communities in the world, but also with a long-term focus on providing economic development to the communities where shoes are manufactured and restored.

Shoes for the World Foundation also provides disaster relief by partnering with local organizations impacted by hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, fire, and other acts of nature.

During the opening stages of this organization, our initial focus will be to establish distribution centers in each continent, beginning in Africa, where we will partner with local schools, government aid institutions, and local missionaries to target beneficiaries of our program. We will also develop our shoe manufacturing and restoration facilities, and promote to bring long-term economic development to our community partners. Shoes for the World is a non-profit IRS Section 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Donors can deduct contributions they make under IRC Section 170. 100% of your contribution will go towards acquiring or manufacturing shoes, as well as helping needy children and their families.


Through a local organization working in the Guinea-Bissau area for over 16 years, Shoes for the World Foundation has been a partner for local initiatives taking place in the capital and in eight remote islands on the coast of the country. These initiatives include supporting over 1500 students in CEPEM’s 15 established schools, helping promote jobs to locals, and supporting educational and health matters.

Much-needed food, building, medical, and education supplies are brought to these islands from the capital with a very old and dangerous wood boat, that has already reached its maximum life cycle! Bricks, water, and building materials are brought by boat to build local churches, medical clinics, and schools. Sick people from the islands are brought to the capital by boat for health emergencies and other reasons. Most of the inhabitants of these islands have never left the island, but mostly all have been direct beneficiaries of the supplies brought by this boat. At least 25,000 people inhabit these islands and are the beneficiaries of these projects.

Several times, their original boat was lost at sea, overflown by water, and it was capsized several times with people and supplies inside! A new fast-boat would mean so much to the local volunteers, inhabitants, and workers. It would also be more fuel-efficient, help the project cut on cost, and direct funds elsewhere…

We, as an organization and through Shoes for the World Foundation, raised over $66,000 to purchase a fast boat and donate to this beautiful mission! The boat was donated in December of 2022!